Translate football betting tips

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    Translate football betting tips
    Unlike most websites we don’t want lớn force you into reading everything in English if you are more comfortable reading in another language. This is why for a long time now we have had the ability lớn translate our soccer tip sites into several languages.


    I wanted lớn write a quick blog post explaining how lớn do this in case you were wondering.

    First, let me show you are before and after screenshot, so you can see the difference it makes.

    And here are the above tips, in Chinese;

    If you speak Chinese I am sure you will find this way easier lớn read!

    On every content page on the right hand side you will see something that looks like this;

    nhấn on the Google Icon and you will see all the languages you can translate the website into; You can prefer lớn the soccer tips daily win pages!


    Once you have translated the page you have the choice of remembering your setting so the next time you come to the site everything is translated.

    I really hope this helps clear up how to use it and hopefully it makes your experience that little bit nicer :)
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