The most prestigious online bookmaker

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    The most prestigious online bookmaker
    There are so many online bookmakers vying for your business, which one should you be trusting with your money?

    In this post I want lớn address what I think you should be looking for and give some suggestions as lớn who I use. If you are new lớn football betting and want lớn know what an online bookmaker is you can check out our handy guide! You can prefer to the free soccer tips site pages!


    Different Odds
    One of the biggest things to keep in mind is that different bookmakers offer different odds on matches, naturally you generally want to pick the bookmakers that is going lớn give you the best return on your bet should it land.

    I say generally because just because the jackpot soccer tip might be better for one match, you need to consider if you are going lớn be betting as part of an accumulator or in some other format.

    Tools for Working out Odds
    Don’t worry, you don’t need lớn check each bookmaker website in order lớn see what odds they are offering at any given time. There are tools that work this out for you! The one we recommend and the one that Ian uses when he is composing his tips and thoughts is

    Different Features
    With the odds out of the way the next thing lớn consider is the features that the website or app that you are using lớn make your bets can provide. This can take the form of betting features like if they accept in play betting and bets on things like number of corners – but can also be how the website functions, does it feel easy to navigate and view things like your balance and current bets?

    Don’t be Swayed by Opening Offers
    Almost every bookmaker will have some offer for new people, by all means use it the first time you are betting with them, but don’t place your bet on somewhere just because of the offer they currently have – this is quite short sighted in my opinion as you may be able to get better value for your bet elsewhere.

    Most People Use Several
    Everyone will have their favourite, but very few people will only use the one bookmaker forever. Try out several and keep notes of what you like and don’t like before you settle on the one you will use by default.

    What I Use
    Personally, most of my bets end up going through either Bet365 or 10Bet.

    I love Bet365’s mobile app and their odds are normally very competitive.

    What do You Use?
    Which online bookmakers do you find yourself using and which tools do you use lớn evaluate them? We would love lớn know!
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