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    I attended a conference named “Standing out of the crowd” held by Generation You. BAE Systems Australia and three main universities in South Australia - Adelaide, Flinders, and South Australia, sponsored this event.

    The conference lasted during one business day with around 100 audiences. Speakers were managers and executive recruiters from companies and corporations in South Australia. The aim of the conference is to provide essential knowledge and expertise to students and employees so that they will be able to work effectively in a variety of areas within different companies around the world. Some key points are summarised for those who are in need:

    1. Developing your career. Some questions should be asked and answered:
    • What is your qualification?
    • What is your work experience?
    • What are your goals?
    • What is your plan?
    • Who do you admire?
    • What knowledge and expertise to implement your plan and achieve goals?

    2. How to develop yourself for a stellar work life:
    • Well educated and good experience
    • Setting SMART goals
    • Making short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans
    • Seeking help from mentors
    • Building network and professional communication
    • High commitment to implement plan and achieve goals relevantly
    • Key criteria for job decision making: money, passion, social impact, and so on
    • Life long learning, self development and new knowledge updating
    • Some significant criteria of recruitment: attitude and behaviour are preferred more than knowledge and skills “hire for attitude, train for skills”, ability of engagement, communication, adaptability, soft skills and extra experience such as music, sport, travelling, and volunteer.

    3. Communicating at work, from peer to boss, from digital to face to face:
    • Respect
    • Avoiding negative problems such as harassment, bullying, and discrimination
    • Taking advantages of fundamental methods of communication such as texting, email, face to face, and social media (Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook)
    • Effective working and high commitment
    • Keeping work and life balance

    4. Issues regarding applying jobs:
    • Necessary documents: cover letter and resume. Two these papers are often not embedded pictures since the companies usually prefer the ability and skills of employees to their appearance. These materials need to be written professionally.
    • Around three references are needed
    • It is necessary to do self evaluation and search on proposed organizations
    • Attitude and behaviour are preferred to knowledge and skills

    5. Recipe of success by problem solving with creativity:
    • Be creative to find out new solutions and create new products
    • Analysing for self and others evaluation
    • Be professional
    • Integrity
    • Passion, ambition, and dream
    • Effective utilisation of resources
    • Become a good leader and help others to be good leaders
    • Comprehensive development in professional and associated issues
    • Build your and organization’s brand in a professional and sustainable way

    6. Some take home massages:
    • Why join the navy if you can a pirate (Steve Jobs)
    • The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem (Jack Sparrow)
    • Your big opportunity may be right where you are now (Napoleon Hill)
    • Brands never get the second chance to make the first impression
    • Brand can take years to build but seconds to trashing

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