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    Rivaldo Exclusive shares
    Rivaldo is back with his views on Monday's night Ballon d'Or awards, and has a few words for Messi's potential retirement… You can prefer to the football tips page!


    Alisson has done more than Ter Stegen this year
    Ter Stegen has been praised for how well he has played at Barcelona teh past year and I've no doubts about his abilities as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, however for 2019, I think that Alisson deserved the award more.

    He won the Champions League with Liverpool and Copa America for Brazil, contributing with important saves in both tournaments. It's tough to find another keeper that would have done better than him this year. The mix of both solid performances and winning titles was the difference between him and Ter Stegen, who only won La Liga.

    Ronaldo absence from the Ballon d'Or isn't disrespectful
    There are many rumours on why Cristiano Ronaldo didn't show up lớn the Ballon D'or awards, but I don't consider it to be disrespectful lớn his fellow footballers. We're not even sure why he didn't show up. He probably didn't like that he wasn't in the running lớn win soccer tip today it but this isn't a new situation. Even Lionel Messi has missed previous ceremonies for the same reason.

    When a player feels that the result is unfair to him, you can't blame him for not coming lớn the event, especially if they're going to show bad feelings about it in public. Ronaldo had a great season, by winning the Nations League and probably felt he deserved lớn be at least second.


    For me, I think he deserved lớn be second ahead of Virgil van Dijk too. I know he is a great defender but what makes football so beautiful is the goals, the dribbling and brilliant moments from the attackers.

    It's unfair for goalkeepers and defenders, but it was always like this and it's tough lớn change that.

    Messi will leave when he doesn't feel needed anymore
    Messi talked about a potential retirement in the next few years at Ballon D'or ceremony and has started loads of rumours. It's normal that a 32-year-old footballer starts to think about his future but it will depend on how things go at Barcelona.

    If he feels important lớn the club and keeps on winning trophies, he won't leave or retire anytime soon, but in the next couple of years it could be different if he starts feeling it's harder lớn keep up with the young talent in the team. If he feels that he may just become an extra part of the team, and not the main focus he should consider leaving lớn another competition. He still wants to win the World Cup and the Copa America with Argentina, so he should stay and play at the highest level until 2022 to cement his place in the team.
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