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    When starting up a business, we usually look for a partner who we think that is a good match to us for growing business together. I have made this kind of choice several times for the last decades since my first owned business in 2006. There were some right choices and there were more wrong choices. Hereafter, i share lessons related to my experiences:

    1/An excellent student or friends who you get along well or feel closed at school may not be good partner for a startup. Some people become very different when it comes to money issues. In addition, our schools don’t seem to design for entrepreneur, our school is designed for a mind of follower when it bases pretty much on formula thinking. I find myself easier working for others, I guess because I wasn’t too bad at schools unfortunately [​IMG]

    2/Tennis friends who you co-play very well at the court don’t ensure a good partner, because teamwork of body move at tennis court is not the same teamwork of mind move in business. I am only sure that It is best for playing tennis, then second best for beer [​IMG].

    3/Be careful about what you mean by consensus. One person says and many other nod their head and raise their hands for votes is not a consensus when most of the times they forget what they just agree and just don’t follow up after leaving the meeting room. The consensus is created when team members’ eyes get brightened after a heavy debate and then right away put their hands out to make things happen together.

    4/Don’t look for people who think exactly like you because two of you don’t make more than one in innovation. it may be hard to come up with anything new when you guys are in such a harmony, he just feels that everything you say is right and vice versa. Innovation is the outcome of idea interaction. When your idea hits against your partner’ one, it will creates the third idea, the third one is new and it is innovation. However, this is IMPORTANT and don’t make it wrong, your partner must have the same vision, beliefs or purposes. While thinking differently may help you guys with innovation, the difference in vision, beliefs or purpose will kill the conversation right at the opening words or your discussion will be going nowhere. Per my cases, it is lot more painful to work with people who have different vision, beliefs or purpose.

    5/Lastly, many of you already say, choosing a good combination of skills is a good advice, simply because one business don’t just requires only some skills, it requires a full set of skills

    Please share how you are looking for a partner

    Nguyen Duong, Former Country Director Singtel Vietnam.
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