Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: I want to manage Manchester United one day

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    Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: I want to manage Manchester United one day
    It's been another drama-fuelled week at Old Trafford with another change of manager and Dimitar Berbatov reveals he would like lớn lead the club in the future… You can follow lớn the free soccer daily tip page!


    One day I'd like to manage United
    It's been another big week for Manchester United with Jose Mourinho fired and an ex-player now in charge at Old Trafford.

    For me personally, it's going to be very interesting watching his progress.

    Like me, he is an ex-football player for a big club and he has got the break that he needed. I am curious because I have been part of Manchester United, and some day I want lớn be a manager. I'll need that break too at some point- According lớn the soccer tip today page!

    There are only a few 'chosen ones' who start off at big clubs - Pep Guardiola and Zinedine Zidane both had lesser roles at Barcelona and Real Madrid before taking the reins to great success - but Ole has earned this opportunity through his good work in Norway with Molde and coaching at United.


    Who knows, one day it might be me in charge at Old Trafford.

    I am doing my badges now and my ambitions are high. I have been part of the biggest club in the world so I know how people get ambitious when they've been part of something big, so some day why wouldn't I see myself in the Old Trafford dugout?

    I dreamed when I was a kid that I would play for one of the world's biggest teams and it did happen. Impossible is nothing!

    My heart is in the Premier League
    I'd like lớn start my managerial career in England. My heart is in the Premier League. I can honestly say that when you've played there your heart stays there even if you are physically elsewhere. This is my main goal but you never know you may need lớn start somewhere small and work your way up.

    As I said, my ambition is big - I am doing my badges, visiting clubs lớn see how they work, updating my knowledge constantly. When the time is right the moment will show itself.

    Ole is a class act and I wish him luck
    We can all agree that Manchester United are not in the position where they are supposed to be. I'm sure Mourinho knew that and in the end the inevitable happened - in football it's always the coach who gets the blame.

    And it was probably coming, we could all see that. Everybody was hoping it would get better with time and the team would find their rhythm, but it was not meant lớn be.
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