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    Hi folk, Here I will share with you guys series of the ebook chapter that I wrote last year about the Digital Transformation for company.

    First we will share with the the challenges that most of the firm is facing right now?

    1. Meeting expectation of customers in the digital age:

    Look around the market, mobile is visible everywhere in people life. With wide and deep effect of the mobile into customer behaviors, customer expecting very differences experiences from companies and organizations compare with last decal across all the area including public administration. Nobody wants to wait in line for services anymore. They want to be able to arrange their whole lives online.

    2. Talent who can digitally transform a company. Finding and keeping them is a battle.

    When you got the right people who abilities to draw the great user experiences journey that make the differences to the customer’s live, you already have 50% to win the battle. But finding and keeping these people will become increasingly difficult. Designing customer interactions is not a skill, it’s an art, and these like an artist. Best people will naturally be drawn to companies and your team that do interesting, cutting edge stuff. That means turn your need to be a digital success company to become technology company. As Marc Andreessen said in 2011: “Software is eating the world.” It’s not just a bite of cake anymore, it’s now a pizza.

    3. Managing the omni-channel reality:

    You cannot fight fragmentation with fragmentation. Consumer side, the fragmentation is nothing you can change: on the contrary, it will only get worse. New devices, IoT, in-car entertainment, the Apple watch, wifi on airplanes… all add together to make a fragmentation of channels. That means that companies need to standardize on the inside with a digital business platform, so they can keep track of what is happening across all these channels. But today the reality is that many companies have fragmented systems in-house, instead of a single platform to rule them all.

    4. Big data:

    Big data is presenting companies with new opportunities to learn more about their customers, enabling them not only to personalize products and services, but also to change their product development process to reflect what people really want. However, companies are still struggling with getting consumer confidence on this issue, as many consumers are turned off by hyper-personalized offers that seem to invade their personal space.

    Sure most of you guys are well know about these challenges, but yeh! That is the foundation for us to see what is the opportunities for us in future!

    Also, I will share more about the steps to build a digital transform strategies.

    Keep calm and I will share it soon [​IMG]:D

    Bui Tran Phi Long (Justin)

    Co- Founder Nau Digital Creative Studio
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