Các giới từ đi với TALK

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    + Talk to hay Talk with

    Có thể các bạn đã được dậy là “Talk to” sử dụng khi trong hội thoại chỉ có một người nói và “Talk with” sử dụng trong hội thoại khi 2 người nói chuyện qua lại với nhau. Có lẽ định nghĩa này xuất phát từ việc dịch từ tiếng anh sang tiếng việt của chúng ta nhưng 2 từ này không hề có sự khác biệt và hoàn toàn có thể thay thế nhau.
    • Can I talk to you for a minute?
      = Can I talk with you for a minute?
    • Brian’s over there, talking to Matt.
      = Brian’s over there, talking with Matt.
    • I talked to my boss and she said I could take a day off.
      = I talked with my boss and she said I could take a day off.
    Một vài tính từ đi với Talk:

    + Talk about + topic/person

    • We talked about our favorite movies.
    • Everyone’s talking about the World Cup.
    • They always talk about me behind my back.
    + Talk over/ Talk through + Problem/issue

    • I’m not about to buy a car on a whim. I need to talk it over with my wife first.
      (on a whim = on impulse, spontaneously)
    • My business partner and I talked things over and came up with a plan.
      (came up with = created/invented)
    • If you’re not happy in the relationship, you should talk it through with your boyfriend.
      (= discuss a problem in depth)
    • The IT guy talked us through the installation of the new computer program.
      (= explain a process)
    + Talk Someone Into / Talk Someone Out Of + Doing Something
    Talk someone into doing something: Thuyết phục ai đó làm gì
    • I was hesitant to try ice skating, but Helen talked me into going.
    • Let’s see if we can talk Pete into giving us free food.
    • I can’t believe the salesman talked you into buying a $7,000 sound system.
    Talk some out of doing something
    • I was going to buy an iPhone, but Fred talked me out of it by telling me all the ways that Samsung phones are better.
    • He wants to get a giant tattoo, and his wife is trying to talk him out of it.
    • I’m glad my friend talked me out of quitting school when I was about to give up.
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