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    Hello everybody! This is a very first time I write a topic in our group though I joined the group for a year ago. It’s so embarrassed that I just receive your great shares but give nothing. Fortunately, as I catch a new rule of posting English’s article, I immediately fond of this ideal idea and that’s why I develop sharing mine.

    I am a copywriter so absolutely I wanna share about copywriting and in this post, I’m going to talk about the predictions about content marketing in 2017. It combines between 60 predictions of professors over the world and what I observe in Vietnam.

    Here is 20 predictions about content marketing in 2017 that you should take a glance at.

    1: VISUAL CONTENT will need to be engaging, emotional and AUTHENTIC.

    2: Personalization will see brands focusing on getting the RIGHT content, to the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT place.

    3: Content marketers remain to create tons of content but just the smart, sophisticated and thoughful distribition will be win.

    4: Let’s become buddies with your IT counterparts. Searching for new technology to scale content distribition.

    5: Build and use your IN-HOUSE CONTENT CREATION TEAM, they know much about your company.

    6: Tell your story which is more real, more connected to audiences by AUDIO.

    7: If you plan on creating content in 2017, your brand communications should lighten up and loosen up if you want to break through the noise.

    8: Brands aiming for the inbox with quality email newsletters.

    9: Context will be the foundation of the next phase of content marketing.

    10: A decline in the focus on search, where the rich get richer, as well as moves toward ‘nichier’ strategies involving apps, mail, online communities, events and more.

    11: Create content, at least TAILORED or bespoke content for INDIVIDUAL accounts.

    12: Do short videos (please be less boring. Show me, don’t tell me), mobile platforms, video illustrations.

    13: Value of content is a point for customers to get more of what they want. The messages should be clear, short and connect deeply to solve problems or give them valuable promises.

    14: Develop even stronger content distribution plans, which is a MIX of organic, paid, promoted and influencer marketing strategies.

    15: Collect and leverage customer data to deliver a truly personalized experience poses a challenge for many marketers. We are the point where marketers need to figure outt how to deliver content that will drive the personalized experience at all levels of the decision-making FUNNEL.

    16: (I like this much) We will start using a more GREEN APPROACH to content creation by recycling our best-performing content. We also will reframe the ROI discussion around buyers’ journey stages, rather than ‘content’ overall.

    17: Brand marketers will begin to explore the possibilites of virtual reality content to connect with their prospects and customers.

    18: Understand your audience’s context, find out what they seek and consume your content, drive ahead.

    19: Chat bots and MACHINE LEARNING will provide personalized pathways that match the visitor’s funnel stage and intent and even begin to reinvent website navigation as we’ve known it for the last 20 years.

    20: B2B organizations will shift recruiting efforts from digital to strategy talent, in order to tie content marketing to business objectives. Reduce content volume in favor of producting fewer but more thorough and lengthy pieces.
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